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    Tyde puts you in complete control of your health information. Stay empowered, updated and engaged on your health journey.
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Upload and view your health and medical information in our centralised, user-friendly platform. Keep on top of appointments, treatments and share your secure information with those you love and trust.


Our smart timeline puts you in control and ensures engagement with all your health data. With your information always at your fingertips, stay on top of treatment schedules and other health appointments, and input your feedback whenever you feel like it.


View and manage your loved one’s health information, such as vaccination records, treatment schedules and allergies. Get your family member’s authorisation and stay on top of their health.


Share what you want of your Tyde timeline with your medical and health professionals, or with family members. They’ll get an up to date record of your health data and treatment plans, along with any additional information you have added to your timeline.


Alongside your medical data, keep track of your fitness goals and progress. Upload the data from your wearables or other fitness apps for a complete view of your health and well-being.

Health Fund

Ensure you are getting the most out of your health fund relationship. We help you keep track of your health fund rebates and claims history, so you can maximise your relationship with your health fund.


We utilise the latest world class encryption technology, so your health information is safe and secure. We’re committed to respecting your privacy and security.